ZOS Halo

The Easiest Way to Save Open Bottles of Wine for Weeks

  • Simply Insert Oxygen Absorbing Stopper into Bottle. 
  • No Pumping.  No Gas. 
  • Stops Wine Oxidation.
  • Open Bottles Last up to 60 Days.

Have you ever had to pour expensive wine down the drain because it was left open too long?  Now you can store your opened wine for weeks without it going bad.

You see the culprit is oxygen.  You know that stuff that keeps us alive?  Well its poison for wine.  Just a few hours after opening a bottle and you'll start to notice the taste of the wine changing.

No longer.  The ZOS Halo looks and operates like a wine stopper.  But this stopper has superpowers - it removes 100% of the oxygen from the wine bottle.  Your wine is saved and you save money.

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    More About the ZOS Halo

    ZOS Halo fits most 750ml bottles (some larger screw cap necks and oversized bottles are not compatible). Our non-toxic cartridge absorbs all the oxygen and preserves your opened bottles of wine for up to 2 months. Each cartridge lasts up to 15 bottles depending on usage. Replacement cartridges sold separately.


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