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    Meet the next generation of wine preservers

    Like nothing ever before.


    Powerful Technology

    The most effective oxygen absorbtion technology, yet. Only ZOS removes 100% of the oxygen in the bottle quickly keeping your wine safe from oxidation. Learn how our technology is miles ahead of the rest. 


    Preserves wine up to 2 months

    Running on our latest Bionic battery, it's proven to have a greater preservation than any competitors.


    Easy to Use

    The easiest product to use available. There's no need to worry about  pumping or injecting, just insert the ZOS stopper.


    Enjoy a bottle by the glass

    Open a bottle when you want just one glass. Keep multiple bottles open at any time to match your mood, your meal or your taste

    Change the way you enjoy wine

    We're introducing a brand new wine preserving technology built for the most discerning wine enthusiast, like nothing you've ever seen before, in an easy to use product.

    Compelling Technology

    With both Unparalleled Performance and best in class Ease of Use, there is truly no comparison to other wine preservers. ZOS has redefined wine preservation.

    Signature ZOS Intelligence

    The ZOS Wine Preserver has  received endorsements from top wine industry professionals, sommeliers and personalities. With built-in refill cartridge checking, superior performance and timeless styling, ZOS is the only wine saver you will ever need. Here's what they are saying...