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    More About the ZOS Halo

    Everybody knows that wine left open or unfinished begins to oxidize and spoil within minutes. With the Halo wine Preserver, you can now open a bottle when you just want a glass. No need to worry about your wine spoiling. The most effective wine preservation technology available, eliminates 100% of the oxygen in the bottle within minutes, thus perfectly preserving your bottle between glasses. Unlike other systems which are bulky, expensive, and complicated to use, ZOS Halo is as easy as inserting the patented stopper in to the bottle. Our reusable cartridges last about 15 bottles depending on usage. Works with Red, white, and rose wines. Open Two bottles when one person wants Red and the other person wants white. Now you can open any type and variety of wines without worrying about it spoiling. Whether it is the middle of the week or home entertaining, ZOS, with its superior wine preservation technology, will help and encourage you to add some variety to your wine buying habits. You can now Try more expensive wines with confidence that Halo will protect your wine every time. How it works Halo is extremely easy to use. Simply screw the cartridge into the Halo stopper and insert it into a bottle, just like you would any wine stopper. Once Halo is inserted in to the bottle, you can store it on your counter or in the refrigerator until you want to enjoy another glass. Between bottles, you perform A simple test to determine if the cartridge needs to be replaced. Each cartridge lasts about 15 bottles depending on usage. Cartridge testing is easy, You simply insert the Halo unit into the testing holder (included with your unit). Halo will perform a series of tests over a 20 second period and flash either a Green light (cartridge is still good) or a red light (cartridge needs to be replaced). if it's Green, just pop it into the bottle. If it's red, you simply replace the cartridge before using.

      Product Specs:

      • Weight – 3oz (85 grams,) including cartridge
      • Size – 1.3" X 5.1" (33 mm X 129.5 mm), including cartridge
      • Materials – steel and plastic