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    ZOS Halo - Case

    The case comes with 10 ZOS Halos packaged for retail resale.

    ZOS Halo is the only wine preserver that eliminates 100% of the oxygen that spoils your wine. Simply insert the ZOS HALO stopper into an open bottle of wine. ZOS Halo fits most 750ml bottles (some larger screw cap necks and oversized bottles are not compatible). Our patent pending, non-toxic cartridge absorbs all the oxygen and preserves your opened bottles of wine for up to 2 months. Each cartridge lasts 5-15 bottles depending on usage. Replacement cartridges sold separately.


    • 1 ZOS Halo Wine Preserver
    • 1 Halo Testing Holder
    • 1 ZOS Cartridge
    • 2 Batteries

    Product Specs:

    • Weight – 3oz (85 grams,) including cartridge
    • Size – 1.3" X 5.1" (33 mm X 129.5 mm), including cartridge
    • Materials – steel and plastic